• Q.1 How long will it take for me to receive my order?
  • Ans. We sell promotional products on behalf of many suppliers. These suppliers are located all over the United States. Where your product is coming from and going to will determine how many days it will take to ship your order. Excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, ground shipping via UPS or Fed Ex within the USA can be anywhere from 1 to 5 business days from a supplier to your home or business. In addition to ship time you must also look at production time. Standard production time varies and can be found on the product page. Not including the day you submit your order, production time + ship time = the total amount of time it will take for you to receive your order. We only include business days for production time and ship time so Saturday and Sunday do not count. If you have a specific date you need delivery by and are unsure whether you can or should take advantage of rush service (if offered), please contact us and we are happy to assist you!

  • Q.2 Can I order a product in assorted colors?
  • Ans. The answer is: maybe. As long as you have met the minimum order quantity per color, this will never be a problem. For example: you want to order 300 building block stress balls. The minimum order quantity shown on our website is 150 pieces. If you order 150 pieces each in 2 different colors you are good to go! However, if you want to order 25 pieces of 6 colors to equal a total order of 300 pieces, this may or may not be possible. We suggest contacting us first to inquire before you place your order. One more thing to note about assorted colors is that you may incur an ink change charge (see Fees & Charges on product page). This means that you may have some colors that are dark and you need to imprint in a light color, while you have other colors that are light and need to imprint in a dark color. You will incur the ink change charge for each ink change in your order, and you will also incur this charge each time you re-order.

  • Q.3 What is a vector art file?
  • Ans. Vector artwork is art that is created in the software program Adobe Illustrator. A vector file will have a file extension .eps or .ai. The reason most art departments require Illustrator artwork is that it is ideal for yielding the best quality imprint, and for resizing and editing art without loss of quality. If you cannot provide vector art we offer a service at a minimal fee to fix your artwork for you, and we will email you a copy of the vector file to keep on hand for all your future imprinting needs!

  • Q.4 I want to place a rush order and my imprint is only text. Do I need to give you an art file?
  • Ans. We sell products from many different suppliers. Please refer to the rush service info for the specific item you are interested in to learn whether or not we can do a text imprint on a rush order. Even if your imprint is only text, we do encourage customers to provide artwork for a 1-day rush order. Typesetting is done by a person in the art dept. and we cannot guarantee that the imprint will come out exactly as you have envisioned. With 1-day rush orders we have very little time to produce and ship an order so you will not receive an art proof to review. Typesetting a text imprint is subjective and left to the discretion of the artist who is preparing your artwork.

  • Q.5 I do not really need my order quickly, but if rush service is free is there any reason not to do it?
  • Ans. Rush service is a great option if you are truly pressed for time. However, if you do not need your promos ASAP we encourage our customers to go with standard production time. We cannot provide an emailed art proof on a 1-day rush order. It is always ideal to receive an art proof that you can carefully review and approve before we go to production if you have the time.

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