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Mood Maniac

Our fun series of Mood Maniacs is the perfect option for office and workplace events. These stress balls represent many common moods and can be used to send a message for teambuilding, new hire orientation or annual enrollment.

Angry mood maniac can be used by mental health agencies to help clients squeeze away their negative feelings. The stressed mood maniac is perfect for school counseling centers or people who work in stressful jobs like customer service call centers.

Apathetic mood maniac can be used as a reminder by healthcare providers of what not to be – apathetic about ones health.

You can custom print your company logo and contact information on the back of this stress ball to remind people to call your office. Our Mood Maniac stress balls are available in standard size, mini size and a key chain version.

As Low As $1.79
As Low As $1.79
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