Aquatic Stress Balls


Aquatic Stress Balls: don’t let pricey and boring promo products drown your marketing budget when you can make a splash with a colorful aquatic stress ball!

Jules Verne knew all about the creatures that live 20,000 leagues beneath the sea! We offer dozens of aquatic stress balls that capture the beauty and whimsy of these water dwellers.

  • Many aquatic stress balls come in both a realistic and a cartoon version. Choose from various species of shark, penguins, turtles and whales to name a few.
  • Our colorful aquatic shapes are perfect for marketing industries such as travel agents, cruise lines, water sports and theme parks and coastal resorts.
  • Perfect for teams named after sea life like the Dolphins, the Orcas and the Stingrays.

Aquatic stress balls can be custom imprinted with your logo and website or team name & motto. 

Cartoon Shark
As Low As $1.53
Cartoon Shark
As Low As $1.40
Chinstrap Penguin Squeezies
As Low As $1.40
As Low As $1.43
Clown Fish
As Low As $1.36
Clown Fish
As Low As $1.66
Clownfish Squeezies
As Low As $1.40
As Low As $1.55
As Low As $1.36
Crab Red
As Low As $1.42
Crocodile Mascot
As Low As $2.01
As Low As $1.22
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